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Dell Latitude Laptop Battery For E5420 E5430 E5530 E6420 E6440 E6520 E6540 Vostro 3460 3560

Key Features

  • Model: Dell E6420/E5520/6430
  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Voltage: 11.1V
  • Capacity: 65Wh/5200mAh
  • Cells: 6-cell

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Features & Compatibility


Basic Information
Battery Type Li-ion
Battery Voltage 11.1V
Capacity 65Wh/5200mAh
No. of Cell 6-cell
Compatible Laptop Model Inspiron 14R (5420), Inspiron 14R 4420, Inspiron 14R 5420, Inspiron 14R 5425, Inspiron 14R 7420, Inspiron 14R SE 4420, Inspiron 14R SE 5420, Inspiron 14R SE 7420, Inspiron 14R TURBO, Inspiron 14R(N5420), Inspiron 14R(N7420), Inspiron 15R 4520, Inspiron 15R 5520, Inspiron 15R 5525, Inspiron 15R 7520, Inspiron 15R SE 4520, Inspiron 15R SE 5520, Inspiron 15R SE 7520, Inspiron 15R TURBO, Inspiron 15R(5520) SPECIAL EDITION, Inspiron 15R(7520), Inspiron 15R(N5520), Inspiron 15R(N7520), Inspiron 17R 4720, Inspiron 17R 5720, Inspiron 17R 7720, Inspiron 17R SE 4720, Inspiron 17R SE 5720, Inspiron 17R SE 7720, Inspiron 17R TURBO, Inspiron 17R(N5720), Inspiron 17R(N7720), Inspiron 4420, Inspiron 4520, Inspiron 4720, Inspiron 5420, Inspiron 5425, Inspiron 5520, Inspiron 5525, Inspiron 5720, Inspiron 7420, Inspiron 7520, Inspiron 7720(3239), Inspiron 7720, Inspiron M421R, Inspiron M521R, Inspiron N4420, Inspiron N4520, Inspiron N4720, Inspiron N5420, Inspiron N5520, Inspiron N5720, Inspiron N7420, Inspiron N7520, Inspiron N7720, Latitude E5420 ATG, Latitude E5420 N-Series, Latitude E5420, Latitude E5420M, Latitude E5430, Latitude E5520 BRC, Latitude E5520 N-Series, Latitude E5520, Latitude E5520M, Latitude E5530, Latitude E6420 ATG, Latitude E6420 XFR, Latitude E6420, Latitude E6430 ATG, Latitude E6430, Latitude E6440, Latitude E6520, Latitude E6530, Latitude E6540, Precision M2800 Mobile WorkStation, Precision M2800, Vostro 3460.
Battery Part Number 04NW9, 05G67C, 2N6MY, 2P2MJ, 312-1163, 312-1164, 312-1165, 312-1242, 312-1310, 312-1311, 312-1324, 312-1325, 312-1439, 312-1440, 312-1441, 312-1442, 312-1443, 312-1444, 312-1445, 3VJJC, 451-11693, 451-11694, 451-11695, 451-11696, 451-11947, 451-12048, 4KFGD, 5DN1K, 71R31, 8858X, 8P3YX, 911MD, 96JC9, 984V6, CRT6P, DHT0W, GCJ48, HCJWT, HTX4D, HWR7D, JD0MX, M1Y7N, M5Y0X, N3X1D, NHXVW, P8TC7, P9TJ0, PRRRF, PRV1Y, R48V3, RU485, T54F3, T54FJ, UJ499, WT5WP, X57F1, YC3PK, YJ02W, YKF0M.
Warranty Information
Warranty 06 months warranty


Brand – Dell, Model – Dell Latitude E5420 E5430 E5530 E6420 E6440 E6540 E6520 Vostro 3460 3560, Compatible With – DELL Latitude E6530 E5420 E5530 E5520 E6540 E6520 E6440 E6420 E6430 Series Vostro 3460 3560, Battery Type – Lithium-Ion, Part No – M5Y0X NHXVW/P8TC7 P9TJ0 R48V3 PRRRF RU485 T54F3 T54FJ UJ499 YKF0M X57F1 4YRJH 8858X 8P3YX 911MD HCJWT KJ321, Cells – 6 Cells, Capacity. – 60Wh 5200mAh, Voltage – 11.1V, Color – Black, Product Condition – Brand New & Compatible, Made in/ Assemble – China, Warranty – 6 months (180 Days)

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