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Asus Laptop Battery for K53 Series

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Key Features

  • Model: K53 Series Laptop Battery
  • Capacity: 5200mAh/77WH
  • Battery Voltage: 11.1 V (compatible with 14.4 V)
  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Number of cells: 6


Basic Information
Battery Type Li-ion
Battery Voltage 11.1 V (compatible with 14.4 V)
Capacity 5200mAh/77WH
No. of Cell 6-cell
Compatible Laptop Model A43, A43B, A43BR, A43BY, A43E,,A43EB815E-SL,
A43EI233SA-SL,A43EI233SJ-SL, A43EI233SV-SL,
A43EI235SD-SL, A43EI241SV-SL,A43EI243E-SL, A43EI243SA-SL,
A43EI243SJ-SL, A43EI243SV-SL,A43EI245SD-SL, A43EI245SM-SL,
A43EI267SD-SL, A43EI267SM-SL,A43F, A43J, A43JA, A43JB, A43JC,
A43JE, A43JF, A43JG, A43JH, A43JN,A43JP, A43JQ, A43JR,
A43JU, A43JV,A43S. A43SA, A43SD, A43SJ, A43SM,
A43SV, A43T, A43TA, A43TK, A43U,A53, A53B, A53BY, A53E,
A53E-EH31,A53E-EH91, A53EI267SM-SL
Battery Part Number 07G016H31875,07G016HG1875,07G016HK1875,07G016JD1875,
07G016JE1875 90-N3V3B1000Y,90R-N3VBA1000U
Warranty Information
Warranty 06 months warranty


Laptop Battery for Asus K53 Series

Laptop Battery for Asus K53 Series is a premium quality Li-ion laptop battery designed specifically for Asus K53 Series Laptops. It has a capacity of 5200mAh or 77Wh. The Voltage of this laptop battery is 11.1  Volts But it is compatible with14.4 Volts. This battery has 6 Hi quality Cells. This is compatible with A43, A43B, A43BR, A43BY, A43E, A43EB815E-SL, A43EB815SD-SL,A43EB94SD-SL, A43EB95SD-SL,A43EB96SD-SL, A43EI233SA-SL,A43EI233SJ-SL, A43EI233SV-SL, A43EI235SD-SL, A43EI241SV-SL,A43EI243E-SL, A43EI243SA-SL laptops. Asus K53 Series Laptop Battery offers a 6-month warranty.


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