Casio Classwiz Fx-991EX Scientific Calculator

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  • Price                – 1,500৳
  • Regular Price – 1,600৳
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  • Brand              – CASIO


    • Model: Classwiz Fx-991EX
    • High-resolution LCD, QR code Generation
    • Solar+Battery, Intuitive icon display
    • Visualization with graphs
    • 552 functions, Interactive format

Description :

Casio Classwiz Fx-991EX Scientific Calculator

Casio Classwiz Fx-991EX Scientific Calculator features high-resolution display for more data on display, the Online QR code visualization to help you do more via Graphical representation, numerical representation or taking help to do more. This Scientific Calculator also comes with High-resolution LCD, Solar+Battery, Natural Textbook Display, Intuitive icon display, Interactive format. You can easily understand the key notation. It is also featured with High-speed calculation, Visualization with graphs, 552 functions and new slide-on hard case. The Metallic finish keys with colorful coding for better functionality as well a faster processor and twice the memory size makes sure of speedy calculations. This new Classwiz Fx-991EX Scientific Calculator has 02 year warranty.


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