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YDD CD-R 700MB/80Min Blank CD Disc (Price Shows Per Piece)

30 ৳ 


  • YDD CD for multi Use
  • Brand-YDD
  • Size-700 MB
  • Speed-52x
  • Length-80 minutes
  • Blank Disc


  • AAA grade quality. 4.7gb/120min 16x DVD-R. Can use marker write on the top surface of disc.
  • Save files fast! Burning time takes about 6-7 minutes when used with 16X capable DVD writers. Excellent compatibility with DVD writers, video players and DVD-ROM drivers. This write-once disc helps preserve videos, photos, music, emails and other files.
  • Relatively low cost per megabyte. Good for file backup before they got deleted accidentally.
  • Long-term data archiving and storage life time. Over one million readings, ensuring data protection for an extended period of time.
  • For use on writers or recorders that support DVD-R.
  • Writing speed up to 16X. Ideal for high-speed recording.
  • Broad read compatibility with most DVD-ROM drives and DVD video players.
  • Ideal for high-volume data recording, archiving and video pre-mastering.
  • Avoid fingerprints, dust and other soiling on the disc. The disc can be cleaned with a soft, lint-free cloth. Don’t use any solvents or protective liquid.
  • Do not hit the edge of the disc.
  • Protect the disc from excessive heat, moisture and direct sunlight.
  • Please use soft felt-tip pens to label the disc.


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