XP-Pen Deco LW Graphics Tablet (Green)

  • Model: Deco LW
  • Resolution: 5080 LPI
  • Wireless Technology: Bluetooth v5.0
  • Continuous Operation Time: ≥ 10 hours
  • Battery Capacity: 1000mAh/3.7V

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Stylus Pen

X3 Elite

Active area

10"x 6"



Reading Height

10 mm


5080 LPI (Lines per inch)

Pressure Sensitivity

8192 Levels


01 Year

Features & Compatibility

XP-Pen Deco LW Graphics Tablet

The XP-Pen Deco LW is a graphics tablet designed for digital drawing and graphic design. It has a large active area of 10 x 6.25 inches, providing ample space for drawing and designing. The tablet has a slim and lightweight design, making it easy to carry around and use on-the-go.The Deco LW features a battery-free stylus that has 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, allowing for precise and accurate control over the strokes and lines. The pen also has a tilt function that enables users to create shading and varying line widths. The stylus is lightweight and comfortable to hold, making it easy to use for extended periods of time.

Thetablet also features 8 customizable shortcut keys that can be programmed to perform different functions, providing quick and easy access to commonly used tools. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems and supports popular graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel Painter.The XP-Pen Deco LW also comes with a USB-C port for fast and reliable connection, as well as a built-in wireless connection for added convenience. It also features a durable and scratch-resistant surface that provides a natural feel and reduces the reflection and glare from the screen.


XP-Pen Deco LW Graphics Tablet

  • A lightweight and compact design for easy portability
  • An active area of 10 x 6.25 inches and a resolution of 5080 LPI
  • Eight customizable shortcut keys and a touch ring for quick access to functions
  • A stylus with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and a battery-free design
  • Compatibility with Windows and macOS operating systems
  • Wired and wireless connectivity options (USB and Bluetooth) for convenience and flexibility in use.

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