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Intel Core I5 13500 14 Core 20 Threads 13th Gen LGA 1700 Processor

  • Supported Memory: 128 GB
  • L2-Cache: 20.00 MB, L3-Cache: 20.00 MB
  • Total Cores:10
  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 11, Linux

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Cores: 14 Socket: LGA 1700 Threads: 20 Base Frequency: 2.80 GHz (4.00 GHz)


L2-Cache: 1.25MB L3-Cache: 24.00 MB


Max Dynamic Frequency : 1.45 GHz Max Shared Memory: 64 GB


Max Number of Channels: 2 (Dual Channel) Maximum Size: 128 GB Memory Type: DDR5 , DDR4

Maximum Turbo Frequency

2.50 GHz (5.20 GHz)

Operating System

Windows 10 , Windows 11 , Linux


Gen 5 , 20 Lanes (CPU only)


Chipset: B660 , Z690 , B760 , Z790


03 years

Features & Compatibility

Intel Core I5-13500 Processor

Intel CORE I5-13500 13TH GEN RAPTOR LAKE PROCESSOR is the best processor from Intel. This Processor comes with Intel UHD Graphics 770. In addition to the number of CPU cores and threads, you can see here whether the Intel Core i5-13500 can be overclocked. You will also find the clock frequencies of the processor (single-core and multi-core) here. The number of CPU cores greatly affects the speed of the processor. This 13TH GEN RAPTOR LAKE microarchitecture is manufactured with the 10 nm process that comes with 14 cores and 20 threads. Intel 13th Generation Core I5-13500 Processor has the base frequency of 2.80 GHz (4.00 GHz) that can be reached as max turbo frequency at 2.50 GHz (5.20 GHz). This processor has a compatible socket of LGA 1700. It has Smart Cache L2-Cache: 1.25MB, L3-Cache: 24.00 MB. A photo or video codec that is accelerated in hardware can greatly accelerate the working speed of a processor and extend the battery life of notebooks or smartphones when playing videos. The memory type as well as the amount of memory can greatly affect the speed of the processor. The memory bandwidth depends on several factors and is given in gigabytes per second. This Intel processor support Graphics Base Frequency 0.30 GHz, Max Dynamic Frequency 1.45 GHz and Max Shared Memory of 64GB. The Thermal Design Power (TDP for short) specifies the necessary cooling solution to cool the processor sufficiently. The TDP usually only gives a rough idea of the real consumption of a CPU.

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