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Detech DT-3327A Type-C to USB3.0 4-port HUB

  • Brand: Dtech
  • Model: DT-3327A
  • Type C to USB3.0 HUB
  • 4-port HUB

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Features & Compatibility

Dtech DT-3327A Type-C to USB HUB

1. Used for Type-C signal conversion expansion;
2. USB3.0 signal expansion output 4 channels, can connect multiple USB3.0 devices, transmission rate 5Gbps;
3. Support data transmission and mobile phone charging, each USB3.0 interface provides 900mA current;
4. It is suitable for digital signal conversion, office computer, outdoor display and other occasions, and can be connected to devices with Type-C signal output such as laptop and PADS. Support multiple USB peripherals to be used at the same time;

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